A Brand in Selection, Recruitment & placement

Abhishek placement services we are established in 1999 with the single objective to make all class of people become cheerful and dream getter.

In the span of 12 years we have traveled a mile to test the story of success by satisfying others need. As on date not a single segment is intactable from us moreover we have catered small, medium and large industries who are have spread spreader their legs not only till the fence of India but also beyond the ocean.

We know the facts very well that as the time passes life become complexes and getting and retaining in such a competitive Area is not so easy for all hence looking to this we have molded a very planed and strategic formula and services for skilled, unskilled, and highly skilled people of either sex which can get the touch to their delightment So far we have placed innumerable number of candidate across nation. Our policy and commitments are leader for us which is acceptable by all looking to the competitors jugglery.